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While perched on a sidestage shooting Bela Fleck as one of the official MerleFest photographers in front of 50k+ people, I realized nobody was shooting the 50k+ people. Everybody was shooting Bela Fleck on the main stage. I came back the next year with a business partner (Travis Peck) and shot all the guests, the volunteers, the sponsors and the main acts, too. Then I went home to Atlanta and shot all my favorite restaurants and events.

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Flash forward 100’s of corporate events & restaurants later (totaling 950,000+ images), and I ironically realized I needed to stop and learn the basics.  After working with maybe 20+ photographers and shooting for some of the biggest companies on the planet I met my current business partner Jason Kaumeyer (JWK). Sharing our different skill-sets has shown me the value of color management, how to shoot-to-edit, the art of purposeful photographs, and the value of accrued knowledge from a variety of sources. Be humble, never stop learning and always be engaged. Double espressos and long jogs help, too.

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