I was lucky and lived for 6 months (while my house was being renovated) with world renowned abstract artist Austin Center now out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Austin was classically trained in Florence, Italy and it was an impressionable influence on my thoughts about abstract art and what it does to your brain. When Austin would leave town and I found myself alone in his house surrounded by his abstract art it energized my creativity. You can look at abstract art and see the same thing every time and the person standing next to you may not see anything remotely similar. The way the brain works is fascinating and allowing it to interpret abstract art seems to have a positive and telltale effect on us.  I have tried to take artful images using blur, bokeh, dragging the shutter while popping a flash, zooming in and out, etc etc.  Nothing excited me as much as creating abstract photography. Each of these images pull me to it because I saw something or things.  I usually use a tripod and most of these are longer exposures than you would think.

All work is for sale.

Inquiries: cheneypaul@gmail.com