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Before I was truly a professional photographer I was luckily perched on a side stage shooting Bela Fleck as one of the three official MerleFest photographers in front of 50k+ people with my Canon AE-1 film camera.  I realized that nobody was shooting the 50k+ people. Everybody was shooting Bela Fleck just like me! I came back the next year with a digital camera and my business partner (Travis Peck) and we shot all the guests, the volunteers, the sponsors and the main acts, too.  For some reason I shot just the musicians with my film camera. Ha. So excited… I then I went home to Atlanta, and shot all my favorite restaurants and events as a web developer and photographer quite often for the same clients.

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Flash forward 100’s of corporate event photography shoots & restaurant photo shoots later (totaling 2m+ online images), and despite being considered a Charleston photographer I ironically realized I needed to stop and learn the basics to be taken more seriously.  After working with maybe 20+ photographers and shooting for some of the biggest companies on the planet I finally met my current business partner Jason Kaumeyer (JWK) and now we shoot general commercial photography ranging from general corporate marketing work to product to architecture and everything in between.  Working with Jason is how I have learned 75% or more of what I know about photography!  Sharing our different skill-sets and styles has taught me the value of color management, how to shoot-to-edit, the art of telling a purposeful story in one shot, and the value of accrued knowledge from a variety of sources. Be humble, never stop learning and always be engaged. Green tea and long jogs help, too!

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