Location: Shawn Jenkins MUSC Children’s Hospital
Hospital Architectural Photography
Client: McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture

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I was hired by MPS Architectects to provide architectural photography of the brand new Shawn Jenkins MUSC Children’s Hospital.  I shot the entire interior of the hospital the evening before the grand opening. I knew I could not come back and shoot anything again if I needed to shoot something at a different time of day.  I had an all access key fob, a pair of good headphones with an excellent playlist of James Brown, Charles Bradley, Fela Kuti, etc, and I made it happen. I walked the entire project shooting what was most important to my client first, and also what needed to be shot before the sun set.  Afterwards I went back and spent more time shooting higher value areas like surgical rooms that had no windows, lobbies, patient rooms, etc.  It was intense.

I have shot quite a few hospitals, but walking into the foyer of this hospital after having previously shot some Benefit Focus events for Shawn Jenkins had a different feeling. I did not want to let down my client as my work and another photographer’s were their only professional representation of 2-3 years of planning, and creativity.  It was like being on a reality show to be honest.  I walked out before midnight in a full sweat….frazzled…. knowing when I walked out those doors they would lock behind me, and literally the next day patients and employees would inhabit the building furthermore. It is a big opportunity to shoot for a firm like MPS Architecture.  Shooting one of THEIR bigger projects only added to the importance of the moment.  In hindsight I would have done a few things differently like style the sheets on the surgical tables a bit more, and maybe added a couple humans in a couple photos, but overall the shots are the shots and the client was very happy. I did do a lot of teddy bear styling and I think this really comes through in my work. If you need hospital architectural photography, healthcare photography or even teddy bear styling consulting please get in touch.