Product photography is an ever evolving and multi-faceted type of commercial photography.  That sounds like a boring 1950’s description of the World’s Fair… Some clients need their product shot on a white seamless background while others need product photos created in a more lively and relative environment.  I was lucky to meet Diego Funes from Charleston’s Diego’s Empanadas and we shot at a commercial kitchen (Food Fight on Folly Road) where he rents space to make his Argentinean empanadas.  I set up three studio lights in the kitchen and primarily used 2 of them most of the time. The kitchen was ultra clean and the light really bounced around nicely!  That is not always the case!

We basically went through the process of how he makes empanadas following very strict accordance with what his grandmother taught him as a child in Argentina.  Many of the tricks were visually omitted so as to not show EVERYTHING! 🙂 A couple weeks later the Hogfather aka Famer and Pitmaster Tank Jackson from Holy City Hogs saw the empanadas and had Diego present his empanadas at Tank’s farm to table pop-ups at LoFi Brewery.  The next week Tank’s Ultra Premium Chorizo was used in a few of Diego’s empanadas. Soon… all of Charleston will be drinking yerba mate, eating empanadas and dancing the Tango.  That is why I do product photography. There is a story in every product!