Wine bottle photography is not simply shooting objects in front of studio lights. Every subject you shoot has different needs and challenges. The absolute most challenging thing I have ever shot has been Silversmith Kaminer Haislip’s silver artwork. I watched my former business partner Jason Kaumeyer curse and shoot it for a couple years and when he moved to Chicago… it was my turn to curse and shoot her silver. I spent a few days going insane trying to remove my camera from a cylindrical piece of perfectly reflective silver art….

After maybe 7-8 years of experiences like this I started getting asked to shoot some liquor and wine bottles. Liquor bottle photography is even different than wine bottle photography, but, basically, the game is trying to get the object to be shot architecturally correct (perfectly level and accurately represented) and to showcase the product and brand’s colors and vibe correctly. I feel like my job is to intensely explore a wine bottle and then make sure you can’t tell I was ever there. My team and I have created a methodology to knock out reflections, create flattering highlights (clean reflections) and let our clients product shine.  Our job is to get out of the way and help the marketing team, the ad agency, the winemaker, etc etc sell their wine.

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